On to a second page of my DVDs - both PHOTO and Video.
As a Speedway photographer at PCR - Newcastle - Gosford - Bathurst LT etc.
I have scanned my many negatives and come up with some new PHOTO DVDs.
To purchase DVDs :
Contact me at   bdarby@bigpond.com
Ph Mob. 0419 976 557  -  Pay Pal is available.
Steve Kinser in Australia 
A PHOTO DVD with 5 min approx. of PR video 
My personal photos shot at PCR in 1996 and 2000 - still-action- presentations.
See Steve running with the top locals and other American tourists. Running time is  20 min 45 sec. has  transitions - music - titles and captions. Unique unpublished original photos.
$ 30 + P&P . OS P&P $ 9.00  
My personal photos shot at PCR over the years of 1995 to 2001 .
 Great action shots - has titles - music - transitions - running time 24 min . 40 sec. over 160 unpublished and original photos.
$ 30 + P&P. 
Lots more to be created - come back soon... Brian

Over 130 quality photos of Super Sedan action at Parramatta City Raceway in the years 1995 to 2001. Including some visiting American drivers.
$30 + P&P.   
Litre Sprintcars at PCR & Newcastle Motordrome
145 unique quality photos. Years 1995 to 2001 
$30 + P&P.
Over the Decades
via Promoter & Press Advertisements and Programme covers from most major Speedway venues in Australia. It is HUGE ! runs for 1hr. 36 minutes - 500 images from Aussie Speedway past . One for the Speedway purists.
 $ 40 Au +  P&P.
UK RIDERS - Portraits.
The cover says it all - one for the Solo fan of old.
$ 30 + P&P.
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Top Sprintcar Pics # 6
 The rear cover says it all. 140 original and unique Brian Darby photos.
$ 30 + P&P.
BC Motorsports
 Brad & Cyril Peel - Their Cars & Drivers
An insight into a top Aussie Sprintcar team. Original and unique photos & video by Brian Darby - GM of BC in the late '90s.
$ 35 + P&P.
Jack Patman & Jim McLeod
Speedway Pioneers of the 1930s.
A rare and unique opporunity to hear from these two old gentleman in their own words in 1995 about their Speedway history in the 1920s & 1930s.
8mm analogue footage and photos.
$ 30 + P&P.
Brian Darby Photos - A Top 270 Collection.
After photographing at many Speedway venues in the '90s and 2000s
I have assembled 270 of what I think is a diverse collection of the Speedway photos I have shot. 
Bikes - Cars - People - Places - all unique to me and mostly unpublished. 
Will appeal to the Speedway fan who enjoys all sections of Speedway.
 $ 30 +P&P 
The Restoration of a Vintage Midget
Q5 The Bill Goode Golden Fleece Falcon Special.
Running for over 19 minutes this photo DVD covers the restoration of Q5 from the time it was found as a pile of junk in a private Sydney garage to it's eventual sale back to Queensland after 14 years in Vintage Speedway with owner restorer Brian Darby. Quite unique.
$ 30 + P&P
Memories of Bill Sticpewich MBE
Bill, an Aussie Solo & Speedcar pioneer - rode and drove with and against the best in the world  in France, Spain, England, New Zealand & Australia in the 1920s & 1930s. 
Also a WWII hero in every sense of the word.  A  PHOTO DVD runs for 20 mins. 
$30 Au + P&P.
The Final Meeting
 Sydney Showground Speedway - The Royale
27th. April 1996.
Video highlights of the Speedcar sections - Vintage & Modern 
Runs for 31 minutes - If you loved The Royale - you will love this DVD.
With a bonus feature - from the original TV footage of the 'Match Race of The Century' between Bryan Cunneen and Sherman Cleveland in 1966.
$ 30 + P&P.
 Bud an English Midget Speedcar Champion toured Australia in 1935-36 with two other English drivers - Jean Reville & Ralph Secretan, this PHOTO  DVD contains photos, images and news / ad clippings from that tour. Running time 19 + minutes. $ 30 + P&P. 
A photo DVD on the early days of this NSW country Vintage Speedway track from it's inception in 2013. Covers most meetings from 2013 to 2019.
Running time is 28 + minutes. 
$ 25 + P&P.
Unique action video footage shot with a rear facing camera attached to the cage of the Valvoline Sprintcar V5 during hot laps & the Final of the 2002 Australian Sprintcar Championship at PCR.
$ 35 Au. + P&P.
Liverpool City Raceway - 1989
The Final Season.
40 minutes of Super Sedans - Stock - Sedans - Compact Speedcars - Dirt Modifieds action - with presentations - full colour and noise from orignal professional Betacam footage - $ 30 + P&P.
The Demo Derby of the Century
 Liverpool City Raceway 28.1.1989- The Final Season
Mayhem at it's best - $ 30 + P&P.
The pictorial history of The Little BERCO REPCO Holden midget.
Now restored - one of Australian Speedcar racing's most famous and now historic cars - $ 30 + P&P.
PHOTO DVD of 50 original quality photos of AMCA action at PCR in the late 1990s and early 2000s.
Includes a mini pictorial catalogue of my PCR DVDs
 ( both Video and Photo) for sale.
 $ 25.00 Au + P&P. 
The 30 Lap A Main on night two of the three night meeting of the 
2002 Australian Sprintcar Championship - PCR. 
One of the great races of the 2000s. Original Beta Cam SP footage full colour and sound. $ 30 Post Free (within Australia)
390 of my original Sprintcar & driver photos shot at PCR & Newcastle Speedways - 1995 - 2004 - local- national & International drivers - fabulous history and images for the Sprintcar fan- $ 45 +P&P.
275 of my origianal Sprintcar & driver photos from PCR & Newcastle Motordrome in the era 1995-2004  $ 35 + P&P.
NEW in 2022
Early Aussie Speedcar Racing with Rare Speedway Programme Cover Scans.
Volume One. ( more to come ) 
Over 400 images - a lot of photos rarely seen before - photos have captions of car and/or driver - one for the Speedway & Speedcar purist.
$ 40 Post Free ( in Australia)  on DVD or  
$ 48 Post free ( in Australia ) on USB. 
Other DVDs can be put on same USB if required.( extra cost of DVD ) 
Pay Pal available for purchases.
 A Pictorial review of those magic years when we ran our vintage midgets at the famous Brisbane Exhibition Grounds in Queensland.
The covers say it all. $ 30 + P&P - Pay Pal available for purchases. 

 A PHOTO DVD of over 200 classic Solo photos from the 1920s to the 2010s. UK and Australia.The rear cover says it all. A rare opportunity to view the fabulous history of Solo Speedway over the decades. $ 40 + P&P 
...and NOW for the Aussie Road Racing Fans.....
a rare opportunity..
Aussie Road Racing - PHOTO DVDs  - by John Stanley (Copyright)
$ 40 ea. + P&P.
Mount Druitt Memories Series - 1 - 2 - 3  &  4 .
Photos by Des Lawrence ©
$ 40 each or $ 145 for the set of 4 + P&P.
1950s Aussie Road Racing $40 each or $ 100 for the 3 + P&P.
Photos by Des Lawrence  ©
A unique VIDEO DVD of rare 8mm colour footage from John Ellacott. (Copyright)
$ 40 + P&P.